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Clinical Pathology Laboratory

Ketterthill laboratory was born in 2002 from the merging of two family laboratories, namely Thill laboratory, founded in 1946, and Ketter laboratory, founded in 1956. Retrieval of the activities of the Saoud-Berg laboratory in Ettelbrück in 2004 and of the Staquet laboratory in 2007 caused a nationwide territorial expansion as a network of collection centers ensuring the outpatient management of local citizens.

From 2007, a voluntary accreditation according to the ISO EN 15189 standard was initiated and since June 2009, Ketterthill laboratory is fully accredited for all parameters of the laboratory and for the whole process from sample collection centers to the results and through the transport logistics.

Ketterthill laboratory now holds 53 % of the market shares in the private sector for the outpatient clinical pathology in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and employs more than 230 employees all specialized in their fields.

Since 2015, the laboratory is located in Belval, a new growing business district with various areas of innovation and research.
The relocation of the laboratory provided the opportunity to modernise the equipment on our blood test platform, which handles more than 4,000 tubes every day.
The new automated track system developed stretches across 200m and covers all three levels of the laboratory, which are linked by a spiral system so that the samples can travel down. Nineteen analysers are connected to the track to perform tests and two refrigerated cabinets, each with 10,000 slots, are used to store the tubes. This investment has made of Ketterthill the fourth laboratory in the world to acquire such advanced equipment, as well as the first laboratory in Luxembourg.

The laboratory performs routine clinical pathology in the following departments: Biochemistry, Hormonology, Serology, Allergology, Hematology, Immuno-hematology, Hemostasis & Coagulation, Bacteriology, Virology, Molecular biology.
Departments specialized in Auto-Immunity and Radioimmunology complement the range of tests performed in human clinical pathology.

Through a national network of over 70 blood collection centres and locations, we offer citizens a convenient local service and provide prescribing doctors with an array of services to support them in their diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Website : https://www.ketterthill.lu/en

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