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Cerba HealthCare Project

“Together, offering patients the best possible care”

Cerba HealthCare a International network of medical biology laboratories with common values based on the synergy and complementary nature of activities and men and women.

It operates in the medical biology tests market, in private and public sectors and clinical trials.

Cerba HealthCare is a synergetic and complementary group that offers doctors, medical biology test laboratories and pharmaceutical companies a comprehensive offer in terms of biological diagnosis from the local laboratory to the hyperspecialised biology laboratory.

“A professional and medical project”

The Cerba HealthCare network project is a professional and medical project based on the multidisciplinarity and synergy of expertise of the different members.

  • Cerba HealthCare is a medical biology network that offers healthcare providers a real chain of skills for biological diagnosis:
    From the sample => to the specialised biology test
  • Cerba HealthCare is a multidisciplinary network that groups together the expertise required for biological diagnosis: Medical biology, cytogenetics and anatomy and cytopathology:
    From prevention => to targeted therapies and monitoring of treatment
  • Cerba HealthCare is a network established in theranostics, which participates in the development of new therapeutic molecules in partnership with the pharmaceutical industry up to the adaptation and monitoring of patients’ treatments.
  • Cerba HealthCare has a medical and scientific committee that organises the synergies between the multidisciplinary teams for publications or research and development work.

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