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Training centres

Training centre CERBA

The purpose of the network training centre is to provide a place to share and exchange knowledge on the themes that interest clinical practitioners and scientists in their daily work.

During “theme days”, current subjects are tackled by specialists who continually keep in mind the importance of dialogue between clinical practitioners and scientists in patient care and the necessity to implement and comply with the standards and regulations that govern medical biology.

Brux Institute

The particular expertise in gynaecology and notably in cervico-vaginal cytology is transmitted through a school that the entire team of pathologists contribute to: the Brux Institute. This programme is aimed at laboratory technicians who wish to specialise in cytology and who already have a third-level qualification.

Cerba Vet College

A training center dedicated to veterinarians and created in 2018. The trainings are delivered through webinars and carried out by specialists.

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