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  • A group of over 2,000 tests
  • From routine tests to esoteric tests
  • Expertise and medical advice
  • A significant network of sample centres

CRI is a medical biology test laboratory situated in Gand. Considered as a regional reference, CRI provides patients with a major network of sample centres in Gand and its surrounding area. Its team of clinical scientists has been given the task of providing quality test results, in quick time, while ensuring irreproachable scientific and medical monitoring.

By belonging to the Cerba HealthCare network it has been able to offer doctors a comprehensive group of diagnostic tools in :

  • routine medical biology
  • hyperspecialised medical biology
  • anatomy and pathological cytology
  • prenatal and postnatal cytogenetics
  • toxicology

Clinical and biological dialogue is shared through scientific meetings and monthly newsletters offered to doctors by CRI.

CRI has introduced a quality assurance system that enables it to meet national and international standards and to guarantee the reliability of results.

Website: www.cri.be

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