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Anatomy and Pathology

This medical speciality at the heart of the clinic, surgery, imaging, biology and research, plays an essential role in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of diseases of a benign or malignant nature.

The examinations proposed rest on the morphological analysis of cells and tissues and are essential for the diagnosis and treatment of cancers.

Through its specialised biology laboratory, Cerba HealthCare has a multidisciplinary platform including an anatomy and cytopathology department. This department works with the urology, hepatogastro-enterology, dermatology, pneumology and ENT departments.

It offers a specific and recognised expertise in gynaecology (screening and diagnosis of cancer of the cervix uteri) and was one of the first in Europe to offer the technique of liquid based cytology.

The particular expertise in gynaecology and notably in cervico-vaginal cytology is transmitted through a school that the entire team of pathologists contribute to: the Brux Institute. This programme is aimed at laboratory technicians who wish to specialise in cytology and who already have a third-level qualification.

Recently, the pathology department was automated and equipped with image analysers for assisted reading of gynaecological smears.

These new tools are part of a quality policy resting moreover on internal and external quality controls in line with AFAQAP (national organisation) and for the purpose of accreditation.

This department uses conventional multiple techniques (histology, immunohistochemistry, cytology) and molecular biology techniques and cytogenetics, required to specify the diagnosis and/or prognosis of certain cancers and set out targeted therapies according to the types of tumours.
It works in close partnership with the other departments (molecular biology of infectious diseases, genomic molecular biology) on a daily basis by for example:

  • HPV virus typing
  • Mutation of the K-RAS gene for colon tumours
  • Her-2 Neu mutation for breast cancer...

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