Launched by Bpifrance on February 17 at a press conference held at the PariSanté Campus, La French Care is a movement that aims to create and strengthen French champions in all areas of healthcare.


La French Care: the French healthcare team that unites players in the sector around common objectives


  • Promote exchanges between players to facilitate partnerships and growth 


  • Participate in the definition and study of the sector in all its components 


  • Promote healthcare and its professions in all their diversity with a view to attracting talent 


  • Create, support and strengthen French champions in all areas of healthcare  


  • Deploying territorial hubs in France to promote French excellence in healthcare and create local and national synergies  


  • Develop collaboration between startups and large corporations  


  • Innovate in the financing of companies and research


  • Improving access to health data and defining strategic models for accessing and using it 


Cerba HealthCare is a founding member of La French Care, alongside Axa, Aia, BioMérieux, Doctolib, Elsan, Ethypharm, France Biotech, the Gustave-Roussy cancer treatment center, Inovie, Lifen, Mérieux Equity Partner, Institut Montaigne, Institut des Mines-Télécoms de Saint-Etienne, La Poste, Thuasne, Seqens and Withings.


On the occasion of its launch, our CEO, Catherine Courboillet, emphasized the importance of being solid in one's domestic market in order to expand internationally and the need to develop an open vision of collaboration in healthcare for innovation.