Cerba Xpert has been a member  of AFCRO since 2021 and has recently joined the working group dedicated to decentralized clinical trials. Barbara Perniconi, Scientific Liaison Physician at Cerba Xpert, is responsible for the scientific and medical validation of the work of this group.


In late October, in parallel with the work carried out by the French and European authorities on recommendations related to the dematerialization of clinical trials, the Decentralized Clinical Trials working group published a white paper highlighting the optimal conditions necessary for the realization of a hybrid decentralized clinical trial project at home.


Led by teams from Libheros (a company that organizes care in patients' homes by putting them in contact with nurses, physiotherapists, midwives and home care workers), the white paper specifies:


  • The benefits and potential hindrances for each of the stakeholders: patients, investigators and promoters, as well as local healthcare professionals.


  • Five use cases presenting an interest in using a decentralized trial.


Barbara Perniconi states, « The publication of this white paper perfectly reflects the need to sit down and think together about the evolution of clinical trial practice in France. Cerba Xpert is proud to have participated with the entire working group in this first publication on the subject.»