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Before any drug can be authorised for sale it must undergo a rigorous process of clinical trials to validate its effectiveness and determine its side effects. Conducted at international level, these studies integrate a range of clinical pathology tests that represent a key element in the production of evidence in medicine. 

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    clinical trials Phase I

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    clinical trials Phase III

Serving the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and
in vitro diagnostics industries.


In order to carry out a clinical trial, pharmaceutical companies need partners capable of handling patient recruitment, analyses, sample transport, results management and biobanking (storage of biological samples).

Cerba Research, a combined offer:

  • A Global Central Lab

    committed to providing the most innovative scientific solutions in a personalized manner.
  • An histopathology and immunohistochemistry specialty lab

    allowing clients to unleash biomarker information by measuring up to 8 markers on a single slide.
  • Complete and tailor-made solutions

    to help our clients evaluate their in vitro diagnostics (IVD) device, develop quality control solutions, and market their IVD products.

Cerba Research,
a precision medicine partner

Central lab services

For over 35 years, Cerba Research has been setting the industry standard for exemplary clinical trial conduct. Today, across five continents, with a focus on precision medicine, we are changing the paradigm of the central lab’s role in complex clinical research.

In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD)


With more than 450 laboratories globally, we support our clients from their investigations through their regulatory, valuation, and marketing activities. Capitalize on our industry-leading laboratories, demographically rich data, and regulatory expertise to accelerate their program to market.



With some therapeutics proving ineffective in as many as 75% of the patients they are expected to help, the need for personalized and precision medicine is clear.

Because the use of selection biomarkers can triple drug development success rates, we have expanded our portfolio to test more than routine safety and efficacy parameters.

Companion diagnostics


In personalized and precision medicine, pharmaceuticals and diagnostics are rapidly becoming integrated. At Cerba Research, we support our clients and their patients through the expert development of companion diagnostics.