A personalised, predictive and preventive approach

Good health is a careful balance of many systems in the human body. If these balances break down, malaise, exhaustion of the body and, in the long run, illness can occur. Understanding these systems and detecting their imbalances at an early stage makes it possible to anticipate the onset of disorders, to prolong life in good health and, more generally, avoid the inconveniences caused by everyday aggressions or age-related disorders.

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Preventive testing,

a critical element of the preventive approach 

Preventive testing provides a systemic and dynamic vision of living beings. The human body can be seen as a set of sub-systems. Before an organ is damaged, there is tissue damage, preceded by cell damage and molecular damage.  

It is at the molecular level that we can prevent disease and improve a patient's health. Preventive testing now allows a complete and objective measurement of the state of functioning of metabolic and endocrine systems and their interactions to prevent disease and optimise patients' health capital. 




The action levers after a preventive testing investigation are primarily in the field of nutrition and micronutrition. 

The fields of application and motivations for carrying out a preventive testing assessment are: 

  • Pure prevention 
  • Performance optimisation
  • Treatment of discomfort (joint pain, digestion, etc.) with no known cause
  • Support in addition to medical care for established diseases


A key player in predictive and preventive testing

  • Biopredix

    offers clinicians specialised in functional and preventive medicine the essential tests to treat and follow-up on their patients. These tests, which are selected according to their clinical relevance, are carried out in the Group's laboratories. 
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  • Cerba Sport

    offers a specific approach to medical pathology for high-level athletes according to their sport and objectives. Cerba Sport assessments are designed to optimise performance, resistance, recovery times, nutrition and the athlete's mental state.
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  • 1food1me

    offers online nutritional coaching based on a biological assessment carried out at the Group's laboratories. 1food1Me is an innovative approach developed by the eponymous company operating in partnership with our Group.
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Our preventive medicine check-ups

Preventive medicine check-ups provide several indicators for preserving and optimising health capital.

We have developed check-ups for each need: 

  • Anticipating the effects of ageing

    Oxidative stress check-up • Telomere index  
  • Relieving digestive disorders

    Microbiota check-up • Food intolerances
  • Reducing sleep disorders

    Microbiota check-up • Fatty acid check-up

Biopredix Academy
to train medical pathologists and prescribers

Preventive medicine and testing remain areas of permanent evolution.

Biopredix constantly monitors the latest innovations in the field. The Biopredix Academy has set up a training programme for medical pathologists and prescribers.

Each month, webinars are offered on various themes: microbiota, chronic inflammatory diseases, oxidative stress, food intolerances, fatty acids and neurotransmitters.