Formathon: a first successful seminar

Training is part of Cerba HealthCare’s DNA.

We have been delivering medical training for our teams for over 40 years.

For 2 years, we have been offering our employees e-learning training (in addition to face-to-face training).


At the end of 2021, we organized our first Formathon, a new seminar within the Group.

In just 4 days and with a team of 12 collaborators (clinical pathologists, technicians and nurses of the Group), we developed 12 tailor-made medical training courses and produced 70 training modules for all the teams of our laboratories.


Lionelle Mazoyer, HRD of Cerba HealthCare, Cécile Fargeat, Clinical pathologist at Cerballiance and Aurelie Driss-Corbin, Head of APAC and Global Lead Laboratory Integration at Cerba Research discuss the challenges of training at Cerba HealthCare, share their first experience of the Formathon and the keys to its success.