Mandongoi 91-92

Jason Mundu

Jason is a Cerba Lancet Africa Country General Manager, Kenya 


He is the president of the NGO  Mandongoi 91-92 that helps the children of  Mandongoi find their way back to school. 

Busawa Youth Development Association (BYDA)

Abbey Musaazi


Abbey is Head of General Accounting at Lancet Laboratories Uganda.


He is a member of the Buwasa Youth Development Association an NGO that involves young people in his community to voluteer for the construction and maintenance of water points.

Humanity First Uganda

Abdu Kiwanuka


Abdu is Head of the Chemistry departement at Lancet Laboratories Uganda.


He volunteers for Humanity First Uganda and is in charge of the “Gift of sight” project, which aims to provide ophthalmological equipment and care to disadvantaged people.

Association « Elle peut »

Deborah Sila


Deborah is Chief Financial Officer at Pathologists Lancet Kenya.


In 2021 in Nairobi, she and her colleague Nancy Kariithi created the “Elle peut” association, which aims to support the emancipation and achievement of young girls. 

CareTrust Medics

Eguonor Oghene Owhin


Eguonor is a laboratory technician at Clina Lancet Nigeria.


In 2017, she created the CareTrust Medics initiative, which aims to take action for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of malaria in Nigeria through electronic and mobile health tools. In 2020, CareTrust Medics became an NGO.

Programme « Arise and Shine »

Eunice Ombati


Eunice is a Project manager at Cerba Lancet Africa. 


A volunteer at the Nairobi Adventist Support and Care Centre since 2015, she is one of the coordinators of the “Arise and Shine” program, which aims to provide material and moral support to pregnant girls without resources.

Teso at Heart

Immaculate Apio


Immaculate is in charge for Business Development at Lancet Laboratories Uganda.


As a member of Teso at Heart, she is supporting a project to improve the nutrition of breastfeeding women in the Teso region of eastern Uganda.

Tuvuge twiyubaka

Jean Ntawizigira


Jean is Laboratory Technologist at Cerba Lancet Africa (Rwanda). 


He has volunteered for the Tuvuge twiyubaka NGO in order to develop a health and nutrition campaign.
The purpose of this campaign is to train community members in health and nutrition rules so they can mobilize the population.

Water for Iresa Boru 

Mohamed Jaldesa

Mohamed is the Eastern and North Eastern Kenya, Regional Technical Manager for Cerba Lancet Africa. 


He is the founder of the project Water for Iresa Boru, its purpose is to provide clean drinking water for the 3200 inhabitants of the Iresa Boru village situated near the Somali border and regularly touched by episodes of drought. 


Christian Levo 


Christian is a cytology technician at Cerba Path Belgium. 

He is involved in the development of the school infirmary of the small seminary of Mbata-Kiela, located in the west of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  

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