Cerba HealthCare, a leading player in medical diagnosis, announces that Catherine Courboillet, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Group since 2005, will hand over the role to Jérôme Thill, current Deputy Chief Executive Officer. Jérôme Thill will take over as President and Chief Executive Officer in the following months and will assist the Supervisory Board in identifying a new President and Chief Executive Officer for the long-term. In the meantime, Philippe Buhl has been appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer and will report to Jérôme Thill. This change in governance will be effective from April 28th, 2023. 

The Supervisory Board would like to express its gratitude to Catherine Courboillet for her work throughout her 23 years at Cerba HealthCare. Catherine joined the Group in 1999 as Deputy Managing Director before becoming Group President and Chief Executive Officer in 2005. Under her leadership, Cerba HealthCare has become a leader in the diagnostics market with medical and industrial expertise meeting the needs of patients, physicians, hospitals, and the pharmaceutical industry. 

Catherine Courboillet, President and Chief Executive Officer, Cerba HealthCare, said "I am very proud of how far Cerba HealthCare has come over the past 20 years. It is thanks to the outstanding work of the teams, the managers and medical biologists that the company has become a leading player in the medical diagnosis market. I am happy to handover the Group’s leadership to Jérôme Thill, with whom I have worked for many years. I wish him all the best and offer my full support to the Group and all its employees.”

Nicolas Brugere, Partner at EQT and Simon Marc, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Private Equity and Strategic Partnerships, PSP Investments, said: "We would like to acknowledge Catherine Courboillet’s extraordinary work, whose strategic vision and day-to-day commitment have been key to Cerba HealthCare’s development. Under her leadership, Cerba HealthCare has become a European leading player in medical diagnosis. We also want to recognize her close relationship with the biologists and the more than 15,000 employees of the group, who, under her guidance, carried out the actions that made Cerba HealthCare a major player in public health, in France and abroad. The Supervisory Board has decided to change the Group's governance and we fully trust Jérôme Thill to lead the Group until the appointment of a new President and Chief Executive Officer.”

Cerba HealthCare, headquartered in France and firmly established in Europe and Africa through its historical routine and specialty biology expertise, also operates globally through its clinical trials business unit for the validation of new compounds and vaccines. It stands as a unique group in the diagnosis market, covering the needs for diagnostic tools and expertise for patients, physicians, hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry. 

Jérôme Thill joined Cerba HealthCare in 2004 as Chief Financial Officer. In 2010, he became Deputy Chief Executive Officer and has shared with Catherine Courboillet each step of the Group's transformation. Philippe Buhl joined Cerba HealthCare in 2011, after more than ten years in the diagnostic industry. He was the Managing Director in charge of the routine laboratory network in France. 

Jérôme Thill and the management team will continue to accelerate Cerba HealthCare's development as the European leader in medical diagnosis, with the aim of offering an even better service to patients and healthcare professionals and promoting a more preventive healthcare system. 
To support its development and transformation strategy, Cerba HealthCare relies on a strong and stable shareholder base composed of more than 600 medical biologists and managers of the Group, EQT and PSP Investments.


About Cerba HealthCare

Cerba HealthCare, a leading global player in medical diagnostics, aims to support the evolution of health systems towards more prevention. It draws on more than 50 years of expertise in clinical pathology to better assess the risk of diseases development, detect and diagnose diseases earlier, and optimize the effectiveness of personalized medicine.

Every day, on five continents, the Group's 15,000 employees sustain the transformation of medicine, driven by one deep conviction: to advance diagnosis is to advance health. 

Cerba HealthCare, enlightening health.