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Medical expertise

  • From first intention biology (biochemistry, immunology) to specialised biology (genomic molecular biology, metabolic diseases)
  • From screening (cytology) to diagnosing cancers
  • From prenatal diagnosis to cancer genetics
  • From human toxicology to environmental toxicology

Cerba HealthCare is one of the European leaders in medical biology and consequently it keeps up to date with all the advances in medical biology by providing the resources to meet all reasonable expectations of healthcare providers and help them offer their patients the best possible care.

All the laboratories in the Cerba HealthCare network have specificities and complementary fields of expertise, thus offering a very wide range in terms of diagnosis tools for doctors, laboratories and pharmaceutical companies as part of clinical trials.

All the Cerba HealthCare clinical scientists are focused on advising patients, doctors and manufacturers in order to :

  • define the most relevant tests according to the clinical context
  • interpret the biological assessments and make informed decisions
  • develop specific tests for a clinical trial


Furthermore, all of the laboratory’s expertise is fully exploited and shared so that CerbaHealthCare can offer ever more effective tests and services:

  • A group of over 2,000 tests that cover specialities as varied as: routine biology, emergency biology, biochemistry, infectious diseases, virology, auto-immunity, allergology, endocrinology, oncology, toxicology, pharmacology, genetic diseases, metabolic diseases, molecular genomics, non-invasive prenatal diagnosis, cytogenetics, medically assisted procreation
  • Over 50 new parameters are added each year to our list of tests
  • Transfers of technologies and tests thanks to collaborations with research units or biotechnology companies
  • High level of quality both at pre-analysis (taking and transport of samples) and analysis (assay techniques) stages.
  • Recognised expertise in the assessment of new reagents from laboratories
  • Scientific and medical monitoring
  • Partnership with the pharmaceutical industry as part of national or international clinical trials
  • Scientific documentation provided to doctors or laboratories
  • Active participation of all the Cerba HealthCare clinical scientists in terms of scientific communication (publications, postgraduate teaching, conferences, work for the CERBA training centre)
  • A training centre offering the clinical scientists and doctors the possibility to update their knowledge on current medical themes, public health issues or innovative methods



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