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Specialised in the biology of clinical tests, in 1985 BARC was created by clinical scientists and is currently one of the largest Global Central labs internationally.

BARC has subsidiaries on all the continents (Europe, America, Africa, Australia, Asia). This enables it to undertake international clinical trials from phase I to IV.

BARC has developed a global quality assurance system and standard operational procedures that apply to all of its subsidiaries.

The BARC management team is comprised of experts, who for a number of years, have collaborated with the Pharmaceutical Industry by offering a comprehensive range of medical biology tests, from routine tests to hyperspecialised tests as well as a range of adapted services:

  • Group of over 2,000 tests
  • From routine tests to esoteric tests
  • Development of new tests
  • Storage of samples or biobanking
  • International logistics, secured and meeting international standards
  • Uniformity of the test methods and quality controls
  • Electronic and secure management of data

 By belonging to the Cerba HealthCare network it benefits:

  • from the expertise of the team of clinical scientists from the network on all the medical specialties
  • from an international territorial network

 Therefore, BARC is a partner of choice for the pharmaceutical industry in:

  • choosing the most relevant biomarkers for a clinical trial
  • knowledgeable advice on developing new biomarkers that are the most adapted to a given protocol.
  • Management of a clinical trial

Website: www.barclab.com

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