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Founded in 1967 to act as a new type of reference centre for special tests being carried out for medical laboratories and hospitals in the local region, in January 1999 Laboratoire Cerba merged with the specialised medical biology centre of the Pasteur Institute in Paris to become the leading specialised biology laboratory in Europe.

Size helps Laboratoire Cerba to keep up to date with all the advances in medical testing technology by providing the resources to meet all the reasonable expectations of healthcare providers and help them offer their patients the best possible care. Its diversified activity covers most of the medical specialities and is distributed between three complementary departments: specialised biology, cytogenetics and anatomy and pathological cytology. In March 2001, an animal health department was opened.

Laboratoire Cerba constantly develops its technological and human potential, by imposing rigorous quality standards that has enabled it to obtain COFRAC accreditation from April 1999 under the EN CEI ISO 17025 standard (scope of the accreditation available at www.cofrac.fr).

Laboratoire Cerba is one of the major players in French and European biology thanks to:

  • A group of over 2,000 tests that cover specialities as varied as: infectious diseases, virology, auto-immunity, allergology, endocrinology, oncology, toxicology, molecular genomics, etc
  • More than 50 new tests are added to the catalogue every year
  • Technology and test transfers from research units at the Pasteur Institute or other research institutions
  • High level of quality both at pre-analysis (transport of samples) and analysis (assay techniques) stages.
  • Recognised expertise in the assessment of new reagents from laboratories
  • A partnership with the pharmaceutical industry as part of national or international clinical trials
  • Scientific documentation provided to its clients that are private laboratories or hospitals
  • Active participation of its team of clinical scientists in terms of scientific communication (publications, postgraduate teaching, conferences)
  • Constant development of new services to meet the expectations of healthcare providers: results server, biology call centre, quality hot-line, scientific meetings, bibliographic files)
  • A training centre offering clinical scientists and doctors the possibility to update their knowledge on current medical themes, on public health issues or on very innovative subjects

Laboratoire Cerba provides the medical profession with the skills of its employees including a large team of doctors, pharmacists and clinical scientists to offer the best possible care, in terms of biology.

Website: www.lab-cerba.com

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