Routine clinical pathology 

Close to patients and within health centres, our network combines expertise and proximity with 1200 clinical pathologists in our 1,350 laboratories in France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy and Africa.

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Our areas of expertise in routine

Routine clinical pathology

Our 1,350 laboratories are involved in the primary care of patients. Thanks to their geographical proximity and daily work with clinicians, our teams participate in the screening and initial diagnosis of “city” patients, in particular by carrying out routine biological tests, which are essential for the early detection of diseases.

Although it is the fundamental mission of the local laboratory, this first-line work requires thoroughness, responsiveness, versatility, but also all the empathy necessary to reassure sometimes anxious patients.



Clinical pathology of the pregnant female

The biological pathway for pregnant women is governed by the recommendations of the French National Authority for Health and consists of examinations to be carried out throughout the pregnancy.

This monitoring is ensured by our clinical pathologists to assure patients receive appropriate care.




Our laboratory network is fully involved in testing and combating HIV.

In France, we work closely with many city-hospital networks. Patients can share their test results with specialist hospital practitioners and private-practice involved in their monitoring.



Preventive testing 

Our laboratories offer a range of tests to evaluate the health of patients. Whether it is a question of preventing the effects of ageing, optimising health capital or exploring the causes of certain symptoms, our experts in preventive medicine interpret the results of analyses and issue medical and nutritional recommendations in conjunction with prescribing healthcare professionals.

MAP and Spermiology

Medically assisted procreation (MAP) is a discipline that requires specific training for our staff in local laboratories. Our teams of certified MAP clinical pathologists, medical secretaries and certified MAP technicians are trained and aware of the need to support couples on their journey to becoming parents.

Our network includes laboratories specialising in MAP in France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy and Africa. They support patients from the diagnostic stage to the most innovative technical procedures.




Our clinical pathology laboratories offer child-friendly care.To this end, the teams are trained on receiving and taking samples from young people.

We work closely with paediatricians, hospitals and paediatric clinics to ensure trainings for our teams, harmonisation of practices and rapid patient management.




Our laboratories receive and support patients for cancer screening or follow-up of associated treatments. In order to optimise care, clinical pathologists ensure fluid and efficient communication with the medical teams in charge.



COVID-19 testing

Our network of local laboratories has been involved since the start of the COVID-19 crisis.

The screening tests (PCR and serological tests) are analysed in our local laboratories or our technical platforms. In 2020, the Group performed 4.4 million RT-PCR tests and 600,000 serological tests worldwide.

Innovative services for patients

Online test results

In our laboratories, patients have access to their test results online, via secure areas.



Home sampling

In order to allow all patients to be sampled, our laboratories provide home sampling services. Our nurses come to patients’ homes during reserved slots.



Care for pregnant women

The pathway for a pregnant woman is defined by the French National Authority for Health with examinations to be carried out throughout the pregnancy. We wanted to develop tailor-made support for women throughout their pregnancy.

Find out more about CerbaMam



Online appointment 

For most medical analyses, our laboratories offer patients an online appointment booking option.



Care for children

We have adapted our sampling services for our younger patients. Our medical teams are trained in the care of the youngest children according to the best to quality standards.

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Care for anxious patients

Because a visit to the laboratory is sometimes dreaded, we want to give our patients a more peaceful sampling experience by using a virtual reality headset.

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Our expertise for tomorrow’s health

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Routine clinical pathology


Specialised clinical pathology


Clinical pathology for clinical trials



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