Our vision

Clinical pathology is at the heart of diagnosis and health progress

Today, more than 70% of therapeutic decisions are based on clinical pathology.

Today, our health system is essentially curative. The budget devoted to preventive health actions is extremely limited, less than 2% of the budget dedicated to health (OECD Health at a Glance 2017). 

In the future, clinicians will rely even more on patients' biological examinations not only to make their diagnosis but also to choose and adapt treatments. 

In the future, public health policies will make greater use of the potential of diagnosis to assess an individual's predisposition to disease, to screen for diseases at an early stage and to personalise treatments to optimise their effectiveness. 

At Cerba HealthCare, we are aware of this responsibility to each patient, each healthcare professional and, more broadly, to society.


Since 1967, we have been putting our expertise in clinical pathology  and our sense of innovation at the service of patients, healthcare professionals, public and private partners. We are committed to delivering fair and useful results to improve everyone’s health.  

At Cerba HealthCare, we are also convinced that clinical pathology must accompany, and even support health developments.  


Our ambition is to support the evolution of our health system, which is currently essentially curative, towards a more preventive system. Based on this belief, we are developing the tools of tomorrow's medicine, focused on diagnosis, prevention, precision and personalised treatment.   

Supporting the transformation of medicine and the evolution of the healthcare system is a subject of serious interest at Cerba HealthCare, which motivates each of our employees and underpins each of our strategic choices. Such a societal challenge leaves no room for spells and even less for improvisation: to contribute to it, we rely on 50 years of expertise in clinical pathology and mastery of the entire diagnostic value chain: routine clinical pathology, specialised clinical pathology, clinical pathology for clinical trials, veterinary clinical pathology, anatomo-cytopathology and medical imaging. 

This complementary expertise obviously enables health professionals to make a diagnosis, but it also contributes more broadly to the effectiveness of public health policies by better assessing the risk of developing diseases, by detecting pathologies earlier, by personalising treatments to optimise their effectiveness and by monitoring these treatments to ensure their effectiveness over time.  

We are driven by a deep-rooted belief: advancing diagnosis means advancing health.
Cerba HealthCare, enlightening health.

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