Clinical pathology at the heart of health progress

Cerba HealthCare’s mission is to support the evolution from a curative health system towards a more preventive system. It draws on more than 50 years of expertise in clinical pathology to reveal the full potential of diagnosis.


of therapeutic decisions

are based on

clinical pathology expertise

We are convinced that clinical pathology is the key to not only offering more personalised and effective treatments, but also to moving towards a more preventive health system. There is therefore a need to put diagnosis back into the heart of the care pathway and public health policies.

Emmanuel Ligner

CEO of Cerba HealthCare

4 core values common to all our activities


    We act with the utmost rigor to improve the quality of our services and develop the men and women of the Company to bring out the best of each one in the service of all.

    We are committed to patients, healthcare professionals, our business and institutional partners to deliver accurate and useful results for improving everyone’s health.

    We promote entrepreneurial spirit and the taking of initiatives to dare and explore new ways to advance diagnosis.

    We consider each individual with kindness and cultivate respect in our relationships with our teams, partners, healthcare professionals and patients for whom we work every day.

Our commitments 

As a leading company and health player, we are aware of our responsibilities to society and are fully committed to meeting them. We are developing a proactive CSR approach that embodies our values, both in terms of our social footprint, human capital, business ethics and respect for the environment.