An essential link
in the healthcare service offer 

Cerba was created in 1967 as a centre for studies and research in applied clinical pathology. Since then, it has become a leader in so-called specialised clinical pathology. 

The laboratory performs complex analyses on behalf of other clinical pathology laboratories that cannot perform their own analyses because of the level of expertise, equipment or certification required. Cerba offers an unrivalled panel of over 2,500 tests and continues to innovate by developing new biomarkers. 


  • analyses au catalogue 2,500

    tests in the catalogue

  • microscope 40

    medical specialties

  • analyses par jour 40,000

    analyses per day

  • génétique 160,000

    tests per year

    in molecular genetics

Experts at the service

of healthcare professionals

More than 2,500 biological parameters are subject to specialised tests at Cerba every day.

The medical and scientific teams are made up of professionals whose skills are recognised by their peers in human genetics, oncohaematology, infectious diseases, endocrinology and immunology, pharmacotoxicology and metabolic diseases.

They help and advise healthcare professionals with choosing the most relevant analyses and interpreting results to improve patient care.

Our expertises

Clinical pathology


Most of the tests carried out at Cerba correspond to tests that are relatively rarely prescribed or which require specific analytical skills, both in terms of equipment and clinical pathology expertise for interpretation.

The laboratory’s state-of-the-art equipment, the team’s biomedical skills and the rigorous quality assurance system are a guarantee of accurate, fast and interpreted results.

These healthcare professionals represent partners with high medical added value for their clinical pathologist colleagues and prescribing physicians.

Genetics and cytogenetics


The genetics and cytogenetics department combines the most advanced conventional cytogenetics and molecular genetics techniques with medical care and genetic counselling provided by a team of seven geneticists.

Conventional and molecular cytogenetics: constitutional (prenatal and postnatal), acquired (oncohaematology).

Molecular genetics: developmental disease, predisposing factors, coagulation disorders, predictive tests for therapeutic response in oncology.

A training organisation

for healthcare professionals

A strong marker of the company, very early on training occupied played an important role within Cerba, making the laboratory a forerunner in this field.

The Cerba training organisation offers training courses aimed at clinical pathologists and laboratory staff and are designed to promote dialogue between clinical pathologists and clinicians on patient care and the need to implement and comply with the standards and regulations governing clinical pathology. 

All Cerba training courses are ANDPC (Agence Nationale du Développement Professionnel Continu) approved.