Our innovation strategy relies on 3 pillars

  • Guiding

    Leading the way in our business, always being at the forefront of innovation in everything we do, cultivating openness, curiosity and humility.  
  • Engaging

    Innovating for and with our patients, partners and customers. 
  • Inspiring

    Being a reference player and a source of inspiration in order to attract the most promising talents and grow together. 

Medical innovation,
our driving force to improving everyone's health

Medical innovation has been in the DNA of Cerba HealthCare for over 50 years. We are involved in the entire diagnosis value chain: first line clinical pathology, clinical research, specialised clinical pathology, veterinary clinical pathology,
anatomocytopathology or even medical imaging, and for all therapeutic fields.
Our goal: better assess the risk of disease development, detect and diagnose diseases earlier and enable personalised treatments in order to achieve greater efficacy.  

Service innovation, a necessary complement to the medical offer

Even if medical expertise is intrinsic to our profession, it must be accompanied by complementary expertise to fully meet the expectations of patients and health professionals. For the Cerba HealthCare's teams, service innovation means improving the patient experience and providing additional value to the healthcare professional.