Our history

1967 - 2007

Specialty clinical pathology laboratory


Creation of Laboratoire Cerba  (Centre d’études et de recherches en biologie appliquée): a reference lab that performs clinical pathology on behalf of other public and private laboratories.


Creation of Cerba’s anatomocytopathology department


Creation of Cerba’s  human genetics department


Merge with the infectiology expert  Institut Pasteur's specialized clinical pathology centre


Pasteur-Cerba began the first  european specialized  clinical pathology laboratory


COFRAC Accreditation EN CEI ISO 17025: Cerba, first laboratory accredited in France.


Creation of Cerba’s vet health department


Development of Cerba’s activities  in Africa and Middle East


New activity and new geographic position: routine activity and clinical trials in Belgium


Acquisition of Barc Group, clinical pathology leader in Belgium and clinical trials’ global player.

Acquisition of CRI and LBS laboratories in Belgium

Cerba becomes Cerba European Lab

2009 - 2014

New activity and new geographic positions: routine activity in France and Luxembourg


Acquisition of Laboratoire Biolille


Acquisition of Biotop and CBCV


Acquisition of Bioréunion, Ketterthill, BioPyrénéesLab and Medic Lab laboratories.


Acquisition of Biobaie and Biopole 80


Acquisition of CBM 76


Cerba is the first specialized clinical pathology laboratory in France to perform screening tests for trisomy 13, 18 and 21 by free circulating DNA available to the medical community.


Launch of Biopredix, first preventive medicine check-ups to preserve health capital.


Creation of Cerba Specimen Services, branch dedicated to IVD industries.


Acquisition of CMP, anatomocytopatholgy laboratory in Brussels.

2015 - 2016

New activity: veterinary clinical pathology and genetics

Development of Cerballiance network in France


Acquisition of Novescia, Bioponant, laboratoires Goelab, Vigibio, Cerdibio et Labo 17


Cerba European Lab becomes 

Cerba HealthCare


Creation of Institut Cerba endowment fund for socially inclusive and responsible clinical pathology


Creation of Cerba Vet, veterinary clinical pathology laboratory.


Launch of Cerba HealthCare University, a pioneering initiative in the clinical pathology market.


Acquisition of Antagene, DNA tests for parentage certification and disease prevention in dogs and cats.


Creation of Cerballiance network bringing together all the routine laboratories in France


Cerba is the first private laboratory to perform exome sequencing and thus committed to the diagnosis of rare constitutional genetic diseases


2017 - 2023

New geographic positions: routine clinical pathology in Africa and Italy

New activity: medical imaging in Italy

Development of routine clinical pathologyin France and veterinary clinical pathology in France and Switzerland.

Development of clinical trials activities in Netherlands, Canada and Asia.


Acquisition of the Italian laboratories Deltamedica et Fleming Research


Acquisition of BIO 7


Cerba Specimen Services becomes Cerba Xpert


Acquisition of  Histalim to strengthen Barc’s expertise in anatomocytopathology


Launch of Cerba Sport, a complete range of tests to optimize sports performance


Creation of Cerba Lancet Africa: Group’s establishment in Africa  to develop a network of laboratories in partnership with Lancet Laboratories, South Africa’s leader in clinical pathology


Lauch of Innov Lab, a platform that enables every employee to post ideas, participate in innovation challenges and get informed about ongoing initiatives and new projetcs throughout the Group


Barc, Histalim  and Cerba Xpert become Cerba Research, branch dedicated to clinical pathology for clinical trials serving the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and in vitro diagnostics industries.


Creation of Cerba Path, anatomocytopathology experts’ network.



Acquisition of the Italian laboratories Lifebrain. Cerba HealthCare becomes the market leader in medical diagnosis in Italy.


Creation of CerbACT Asia (strategic joint-venture between Cerba Research and ACT Genomics) : a purpose-built lab facility in Taiwan covering the Asia Pacific region.


Acquisition of Labexa, a leading clinical pathology group in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region.


Acquisition of Viroclinics-DDL, a fast-growing global virology and immunology contract research organization (CRO).


Acquisition of Yourlab, a clinical pathology group based in western France.


Cerba Lancet Africa signs strategic partnership with International Clinical Laboratories in Ethiopia


Publication of the first CSR report


Animal Diagnostic, IHP VETO, LAPVSO, Orbio et Scanelis join the Cerba Vet centre of excellence 


Acquisition of CIRION BioPharma Research (canadian contract research laboratory) to expand the Group’s bioanalytical capabilities and shorten time-to-deploy complex clinical trials


Creation of Cerba HealthCare Saudi Arabia (strategic joint venture between Cerba HealthCare and Nexus Gulf Healthcare) to contribute to the upcoming transformation of healthcare system in Saudi Arabia