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Amref - Club Santé Afrique



AMREF is the leading public health NGO in Africa with nearly 10 million people helped through 159 programmes in 35 African countries. The Health Club Africa is an endowment fund that brings together companies and foundations around AMREF that want to pool their actions in Africa to improve people's health. The Cerba Institute is a particularly active member of the Africa Health Club for the third year in a row through a middle patronage and a competent sponsorship. He is particularly involved in four programs:


Stand-Up for African Mothers: training of 15,000 midwives on the continent
PRECIS: institutionalization of e-learning for nurses in Côte d'Ivoire Health
Capital: fairground consultations, surgical camps and mini-children's
CELLAL E KESAL: deployment of telemedicine suitcases combined with e-learning


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