• Offers Saudi Arabia’s medical and patients community access to best-in-class knowledge and technology in medical services, particularly clinical pathology.
  • Supports the Vision 2030 Plan that the country has undertaken to leverage the private sector to provide citizens with enhanced quality and services, specifically in healthcare, and to develop local capabilities.
  • Combines extensive understanding of local evolving regulations, unrivalled experience in public/private partnerships as well as strong legacy in diagnosis expertise and medical innovation.


Issy Les Moulineaux, France and Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, October 19 2023 - Cerba HealthCare, a leading global player in medical diagnosis, and Nexus Gulf Healthcare, a preeminent healthcare investment company focused on developing the healthcare system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through its Saudi investing arm Al Gihaz Healthcare, today announced they have established a joint venture in order to offer the best-in-class diagnosis solutions to sustain the ongoing transformation in Saudi Arabia, with a focus on clinical pathology. The joint venture Cerba HealthCare Saudi Arabia will be headquartered in Riyadh, where it will locally build a team of experienced professionals.


As part of the ongoing reforms in the country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has launched its Vision 2030 Plan illustrating the country’s commitment to diversify its economy and develop the private sector including healthcare, with the goal of enhancing the quality and access to services for the Saudi Arabian population. 


Therefore, Cerba HealthCare Saudi Arabia takes place within the framework of the ambitions set out under Vision 2030 for enhanced partnerships with leading global private healthcare operators, and a need for better integrated medical solutions that adhere to international best practices, ensure knowledge transfer and capitalize on medical/scientific innovation track record that our joint venture can propose.


Nexus Gulf Healthcare and its investment arm Al Gihaz Healthcare have a commitment to accelerate sustainable growth through quality, socially and environmentally responsible investments that enable the development of a globally recognized healthcare system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Their refined knowledge of the Gulf region and its healthcare environment has allowed them to establish a robust track record in developing similar platforms in the country, including the Altakassusi Alliance Medical consortium that was recently awarded the Diagnostic Imaging Pilot PPP project by the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia. 


Cerba HealthCare features a comprehensive offering in medical diagnosis, encompassing specialized and routine clinical pathology, genetics, anatomopathology, clinical pathology for clinical trials, supported by its strong track record in medical innovations, serving diagnosis and prevention.  This complementary expertise obviously enables healthcare professionals to make a diagnosis, but it also contributes to public health policies efficiency by better assessing the risk of developing diseases, by detecting pathologies earlier, by personalising treatments to optimise their effectiveness and by monitoring these treatments to ensure their effectiveness over time. The multispecialty services portfolio is served by a global footprint spanning Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia pacific.


Jérôme Thill, CEO of Cerba HealthCare comments: “This agreement comes at a time of deep transformation in Saudi Arabia, and we are confident that the Vision 2030 Plan will help the country step further in providing citizens with the highest quality of healthcare services while offering them the opportunity to choose from a larger network of healthcare services providers. From Cerba HealthCare perspective as a leading global player in medical diagnosis, this represents a great opportunity to propose its know-how specifically in specialized clinical pathology, genetics and ability to handle national prevention programs. But in healthcare like in other markets, most often coming up with the most relevant solutions needs to team up with the right partners, and I trust Nexus Gulf is the perfect ally, bringing a strong track record in building public/private partnerships and supporting the development and growth of healthcare companies in the Gulf region.”


Youssef Haidar, Executive Director at Nexus Gulf Healthcare added: “We are very enthusiastic about this joint venture as we see the great level of professionalism and expertise Nexus Gulf Healthcare and Cerba HealthCare can bring together, and how it can actually translate into a better integrated healthcare offering for the Saudi Arabia population. The Vision 2030 Plan is a truly strategic step for the country just like it is a tremendous opportunity for seasoned healthcare players to bring added value and expertise built over time to the Saudi Arabian growing population.”


Press contact: 

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