4 core values common to all our activities


    We act with the utmost rigor to improve the quality of our services and develop the men and the women of the Company to bring out the best of each one in the service of all.

    We are committed to patients, healthcare professionals, our business and institutional partners to deliver accurate and useful results for improving everyone’s health.

    We promote entrepreneurial spirit and the taking of initiatives to dare and explore new ways to advance diagnosis.

    We consider each individual with kindness and cultivate respect in our relationships with our teams, partners, healthcare professionals and patients for whom we work every day.

Excellence is inherent in our continuous improvment approach.  More specifically in my work, it must be translated into great care because every day I share data related to employees that guide the company’s objectives. I always keep that in mind.

Nicolas Juge Boirard

Social Management Control Manager at Cerba HealthCare

For me, commitment means making every effort possible to contribute to improve patient care by providing quality support to pathologists in order to allow them to set their diagnosis. 

Frédéric Cas

Technical Facilities Manager at Cerba Path

Boldness is having the courage to challenge the status quo to continuously improve our patient, employee and customer experience. In my job, that means I can invest in a new field or new initiatives and make daring decisions. There is room for that. 

Hema Turabee

Global Head of Project Management at Cerba Research

Respect is a value that can take many faces. For me, it is much more than saying hello, goodbye, thank you: this reflects my commitment and maintains a climate of trust, which is unvaluable for a company and a team. There are also specific events to be marked in an employee’s life where the President and managers send flowers, birthday cards with a personal message, etc. So many considerations that contribute to a nice work environment and happiness at work.

Véronique Cheronnet

General Services Manager at Cerballiance Occitanie