Cerba Vet’s activity relies on four essential pillars:


A complete range of laboratory, anatomocytopathology and genetic analyses.

A dedicated medical team comprising veterinary clinical pathologists, anatomocytopathologists, microbiologists and geneticists.

Dedicated technical platforms to ensure the security and traceability of samples and the control of time-to-results. 

Accredited logistics for territorial coverage throughout France. 

  • analyses par jour 150

    unit analyses and

    40 laboratory assessments

  • 5

    sites in France and Switzerland

  • 24

    veterinary clinical pathologists

  • 10,000

    veterinarians trained by the Cerba Vet College

Medical expertise for the benefit of veterinarians

To support veterinarians with the medical care of the animals entrusted to them, Cerba Vet is able to carry out all analyses:

  • In clinical pathology

    Haematology, haemostasis • Biochemistry • Serology • Endocrinology • Bacteriology and antibiogram • Parasitology, mycology • Toxicology • Molecular biology • Kidney stone analysis        
  • In anatomocytopathology

    Cytology • Histopathology • Immunohistochemistry
  • In veterinary genetics

    More than 120 genetic tests in the catalogue: Screening and diagnosis of genetic diseases  • Infectious diseases • Wildlife and biodiversity genetics

A training organisation: the Cerba Vet College

Created in 2018, the Cerba Vet College offers distance and face-to-face training with a clear objective: targeted, quality content delivered by the best trainers.

These continuing education courses enable veterinarians and their teams to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in many areas of veterinary medicine such as: clinical pathology, internal medicine, oncology, infectious diseases, dermatology, endocrinology, clinical bacteriology, clinical genetics, exotic pets, reproduction, intensive care/emergency, anaesthesia, cardiology, etc.

Since its launch, more than 145 live webinars have been hosted by 30 trainers and have been attended by more than 10,000 veterinarians.