On 15 march 2022 at WiredHealth2022, Cerba HealthCare Italia's CEO, Stefano Massaro, explored the present and future of health, from robotic surgery to artificial intelligence, from the frontiers of genetics to digital therapies, and to discover the latest and most relevant innovations and trends that are at the intersection of medicine, technologies and new lifestyles.
Stefano outlines : « The alliance between doctors, digital development and new health-tech professionals is a decisive step to improve the patient's life. The people-centered-care paradigm consists of advanced tools for reading clinical data and formulating therapies and care plans, tools for remotely monitoring patients, precise genetic tests accessible to an increasingly wider audience, rapid and digital reporting, online booking, electronic medical records, home or telemedicine services, check-up packages and life coaching services that follow the patient in every moment of his or her health path. In short, services that improve health services and are enabled by an essential element: the human one. »


Watch Stefano's intervention in video