Over 2021, the HR teams at Cerba HealthCare conducted a survey of all the Group’s trainees and co-op students, in order to evaluate their experiences within our entities.
We are very proud to announce that for 2022, Cerba HealthCare is receiving the Happy Trainees label, with a score of 3.92/5.
Our trainees and co-op students are particularly interested in: 
- the possible professional advancement (83.6%)
- our stimulating environment (80%)
- the quality of our management (78.5%)
- and the pride of experience within the Group (77.4%)
This label rewards the hard work of our instructors, who are committed to supporting trainees and co-op students within their teams on a daily basis.  
It is also a symbol of our Group's willingness to become fully involved in the vocational training of students.


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