• Cerba Path will validate RlapsRisk® BC, an innovative AI solution designed to help physicians assess the risk of relapse in early breast cancer patients.


  • Cerba Path will integrate MSIntuit® CRC, Owkin’s CE-IVD AI diagnostic to enhance MSI testing through a pre-screening approach for colorectal cancer patients, helping physicians to determine the best eligible treatment options.


  • Cerba Path will participate in the validation of an extended version of MSIntuit® CRC spanning surgical resections and biopsies.


Owkin, a techbio company using artificial intelligence to discover and develop new drugs and diagnostics and Cerba Path, the Cerba HealthCare’s network of pathologists, today announced a new partnership. The two companies will work together to integrate Owkin’s cutting-edge AI-driven diagnostics into Cerba Path’s routine digital workflows and further validate AI-based tools for precision medicine.


This partnership will have Cerba Path deploy Owkin’s technology to enhance pathologists’ and clinicians’ ability to accelerate precision medicine and deliver better patient care. Owkin’s AI diagnostics will benefit from Cerba Path’s fully digitized workflow and be able to reach a broader audience of pathologists who can access the Cerba Path platform remotely from any location in France. 


Jérôme Sallette, Chief Scientific Officer at Cerba HealthCare states: “The development of AI-based biomarkers and diagnostics and their implementation into clinical routine are essential to unlock the potential of AI for improving prevention and patient care as well as accelerate the development of new drugs and new tests. This is a vital part of our innovation strategy and this partnership with Owkin represents an important milestone for delivering faster results and standardizing processes towards better healthcare.”


Owkin’s AI diagnostic offering includes MSIntuit CRC, a first-in-class, CE-marked diagnostic that optimizes testing for microsatellite instability with routine H&E slides, and RlapsRisk BC, a risk assessment tool for recurrence in early breast cancer. Owkin is also developing several other oncology-based diagnostics to enable more accessible diagnosis for precision therapies across the globe.


In launching a multi-site, multi-project collaboration with Cerba Path, we expect to expand and accelerate access to cutting-edge diagnostic solutions” says Meriem Sefta, Chief Diagnostics Officer at Owkin. “We’re eager for this initiative to provide more labs with advanced AI solutions that can address day-to-day challenges pathologists face, while also improving patient access to targeted precision therapies. Cerba Path brings unrivalled expertise together with 1 million slides per year gathered from more than 3000 points of collection: this increases the reach for Owkin’s AI diagnostics significantly.”