Cerba Vet expands its medical services with the expertise of Animal Diagnostic, IHP VETO, LAPVSO, Orbio and Scanelis.


As the leader in veterinary clinical and anatomical pathology in France, Cerba Vet has enriched its range of services by integrating five laboratories with renowned and complementary expertise. Screening and PCR analysis of infectious diseases, veterinary clinical pathology, anatomical pathology and parasitology now supplement the genetics expertise of Antagène and reinforce the clinical and anatomical pathology expertise of Cerba Vet. 


The new team is comprised of 130 animal health professionals, including 30 veterinarians, based in Paris, Toulouse, Lyon and Nantes.


'The integration of Animal Diagnostic, IHP VETO, LAPVSO, Orbio and Scanelis reflects our desire to develop veterinary diagnostic services,' comments Christophe Calleja, veterinarian and General Manager of Cerba Vet. 'Each player is renowned within its own field of activity and reinforces Cerba Vet's centre of excellence in veterinary diagnostics and research. Based on these skills, we are able to offer our fellow practitioners the highest level of expertise in each veterinary analysis laboratory speciality. I am very proud of this opportunity to bring together such know-how and to welcome these new teams to Cerba Vet.'


Emmanuel Guery, veterinarian and President of LAPVSO adds: 'Our aim has always been to provide the best diagnostic service to the veterinarians who have placed their trust in us over many years. Therefore it was essential for us to join a group that could offer a global range of biological analyses, complementary examinations and multidisciplinary expertise. With Cerba Vet, we have made the choice of continuity in scientific rigour, the synergy of a team of experts, the modernity of a technical platform unrivalled in France and the efficiency of logistics unparalleled in veterinary analysis.'


'Scanelis has a long history as an independent laboratory owned by highly qualified and renowned veterinarians. We felt that the alliance with Cerba Vet was the most promising both technically and scientifically,' adds Philippe Baralon, veterinarian and President of Scanelis. 'In addition to analytical expertise, we place a great deal of importance on training, as veterinary medicine requires continuing education. The Cerba Vet College is a valuable tool for all veterinarians wishing to learn, get informed, discuss technical subjects with their peers, and integrate the most modern and efficient diagnostic tools.'