Edwige Dominique


Employee at Cerballiance Marseille, Edwige created her association "Aux 1001 mains" in 2003.

After sharing her passion for knitting for several years, Edwige decided to create a chain of solidarity.
Surrounded by 50 knitting volunteers, she crochets little cotton octopuses for premature babies in Marseille hospitals.



Catherine Coinon


Assistant at the Cerba laboratory, Catherine has been involved with the association Christo Rugby adapté since 2020.

Aware of the need to support people with disabilities, she decided to work with Aïcha Boughalem, one of Cerba's clinical pathologists, to support the integration of disabled children into ordinary rugby clubs, a wonderful opportunity for them to develop their unsuspected abilities.



Cécile Fleurton


Billing secretary at Cerballiance Lyon, Cécile has been aware of the actions of the Foyer Notre-Dame des Sans-Abri for several years.

She particularly supports a training project in pediatric first aid to accompany young mothers when a child arrives.



Jean-Max Guignon


Former Audit Director at Cerba HealthCare Group and now happily retired, Jean-Max, is committed to ESI Health, an association created in 2019 to fight menstrual precarity in South Africa.

ESI Health's mission is to educate and empower young girls on the importance of feminine hygiene, to destigmatize the menstrual period among the population and to distribute menstrual cups to students by accompanying them on their use.



Blandine Minta


Courier at Cerballiance Lille, Blandine has been a volunteer at the Lille branch of the Laurette Fugain association for 10 years.

In its fight against leukemia, the association supports medical research, accompanies patients and their families in the disease and raises awareness among the general public on its civic role by providing information on the gift of life. Blandine supports a project of socio-aesthetic care in the onco-haematology departments of the Dunkerque Hospital.

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